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We cater to small/medium businesses that are unable to afford the luxury and cost of a full-time professional staff member. Whether your business is a small home business or medium-size company, our staff can help you with all your accounting/business improvement needs.

Ardent Contracting Services UK

Accounting & Bookkeeping

The backbone of a business, accounting, provides the information needed to make sound business decisions. We work with you to develop the right systems and financial reports for your business.
Some of our accounting services include:

Ardent Contracting Services UK

Management Advisory and Training Services

Beyond the accounting side, we assist you in evaluating and enhancing many other facets of your business. Our advice can help your business grow, become more profitable, and more efficient. We can help your business every step of the way with our consulting services.

Do you or your bookkeeper need some bookkeeping or computer training ? Let us shorten your learning curve.


Are you thinking of unbundling aspects of your Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Reporting or Tax Planning within your business?

We are strategically positioned to handle these and more for you while ensuring their full integration into other aspects of your business and allow you to concentrate on your core aspect of your business. We provide high calibre and technically sounded financial staff for your business on a contract basis and at short notice.

Ardent Contracting Services UK

Business Representation/Facilitation in West Africa

The frontiers of your business can be extended to geographical areas yet untapped by either yourself or competition.

We can facilitate the expansion of your business into the Oil & Gas rich West African region, where major global businesses have been in existence for over a century. This can be done with minimal disruption to your existing business.

Please see Affiliates for company structure that supports our representation/facilitation activities.

Taxation Services

We can help you with your self-assessment tax returns, Corporation tax computation and return, VAT registration and returns.

Ardent Contracting Services UK

Company Formation

We can set up your company for you with the company House if you are starting from the scratch all we need are the details of the directors and the name you would like for your company.

Fees and My No Risk Guarantee

I wish I could give away my services, but I have to eat too! I can do the next best thing though, charge fair and reasonable rates. Rates for our services range from 35-60 per hour depending on the type of work required. If you've had any work done by any accountant you realizes that most charge between 50 -over 65 per hour.

If you require confidential information about our fees without any obligation, please contact us